Blogging Challenge 8: Digital Dossier

When you get in a newspaper or sign up for an internet e-mail account, you leave behind a digital dossier (electronic footprints). Even if haven’t ever given your name ot the internet, you still have a digital dossier. When I looked myself up to find my digital dossier, I wasn’t surprised on what I found. I found my self in my 4-h club’s newspaer and in my churches newsletter. I also found myself as a recipient of an award at my county fair. Other than that I didn’t find anything. And that I am kind of surprised. I figured I would be in my towns newpaper or in my schools attendance list. Have you looked up your digital dossier? You never know what you’ll find.

Blogging Challenge 8: Persuasive Writing

Many people like to have fun, but can they have fun in school? Could people ever listen to music during class? Could an iPod be easier to use in school than any textbook or computer? I think the answer to0 these questions should be yes. An iPod touch could be very useful in school, other than listening to music. If schools are thinking about getting laptops/tablets for the students in class and they don’t have the money for them yet, why not take advantage of the technology that the students already have. If students use their iPods to research information in class, the class wouldn’t have to go to the computer lab. And an app on an iPod would cost less than a graphing calculator. If schools utilized the technology the students already have they could save their money for bigger accomplishments like better technology, instead of having to update the old stuff. Yeah, you want the students to pay attention to the teacher but they could listen to music while they were working on their homework. If people really don’t want homework, they will get what they need to get done done with or without the music.It is easy to ignore music, not homework.

Blogging Challenge 8: Life’s lessons

Life is always a difficult experience. It supplies you with many things to learn from. A lot of things are better to pay attention to than to ignore. Most of life’s lessons are in school, but they all are in public after school is done. One of the lessons I learned in the real world is to limit my time talking. I have found that I am usually talking about something that really doesn’t want to be heard. As I limit my talking in the public, it also takes affect in school. I am currently getting to point where I am talking the least in my class period. Many others are talking way more than I do. I have also learned that, if I let myself have fun with other people, I can have fun. At a 4-h meeting, there were a lot of new people that I haven’t met before and we did a lot of activities and had fun. I had fun because I allowed myself to.