Blogging Challenge 5:Spring Break

My spring break wasn’t the funnest in the world. The first day, we went to a couple colleges. They were both near Milwaukee and one was downtown. The first one was near Lake Michigan. It had tunnels that connected the entire school. They had a path that went all the way to the water. Then the path ran along the water line for about fifty feet in each direction. The second college had an older look to it but it was surprisingly very modern. All the teachers carried Ipads and the gym had four side gyms and a main one. I enjoyed both tours but I liked the second one better. The rest of the week I made a sweatshirt to wear to the fair. Friday night I went to Durwoods Glen and went to a lock-in and played several games. I stayed up until four in the morning playing cards and watching movies. On Saturday, I got home and slept until 3. I didn’t do anything else that day. On Easter Sunday, I went to church and had brunch. For Easter, I got a long-sleeved under armour shirt and a pair of shorts. I ate a lot of chocolate mainly because I gave chocolate up for lent. On Monday, I went back to school and my normal life.

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