Blogging Challenge 8: Life’s lessons

Life is always a difficult experience. It supplies you with many things to learn from. A lot of things are better to pay attention to than to ignore. Most of life’s lessons are in school, but they all are in public after school is done. One of the lessons I learned in the real world is to limit my time talking. I have found that I am usually talking about something that really doesn’t want to be heard. As I limit my talking in the public, it also takes affect in school. I am currently getting to point where I am talking the least in my class period. Many others are talking way more than I do. I have also learned that, if I let myself have fun with other people, I can have fun. At a 4-h meeting, there were a lot of new people that I haven’t met before and we did a lot of activities and had fun. I had fun because I allowed myself to.

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