Blogging Challenge 9: Count Out Three

In week 9, I played a game: Count Out Three. I played it three times and visited nine peoples blogs. I made nine comments on nine different blogs. I have listed below the blogs I visited and the post I commented on. While I was playing the game, I found that people have different themes and setups. I only found one blog that didn’t have a blogroll. If I was on a blog that some one in the US was using then I would find that the blogroll consisted of friends and classmates from the US. Only one did I find that they had friends listed that were from other countries. The comment format was also different. The blogs that were from other countries had a requiered spot where you had to put your profile. Some of them only had so you had to have an electronic email adress. Of all the differences that I found in the blogs, I think they all were well made.

Here are the blogs that I visited and the countries they are from:

NathanSummer Vacation-US

CodyFavorite Sport-US

JustinMy Habitat-US

Giovanni–  Battle at Thermopylae-US




KyleScience Project-NZ


Blogging Challenge 8: Digital Dossier

When you get in a newspaper or sign up for an internet e-mail account, you leave behind a digital dossier (electronic footprints). Even if haven’t ever given your name ot the internet, you still have a digital dossier. When I looked myself up to find my digital dossier, I wasn’t surprised on what I found. I found my self in my 4-h club’s newspaer and in my churches newsletter. I also found myself as a recipient of an award at my county fair. Other than that I didn’t find anything. And that I am kind of surprised. I figured I would be in my towns newpaper or in my schools attendance list. Have you looked up your digital dossier? You never know what you’ll find.

Blogging Challenge 8: Persuasive Writing

Many people like to have fun, but can they have fun in school? Could people ever listen to music during class? Could an iPod be easier to use in school than any textbook or computer? I think the answer to0 these questions should be yes. An iPod touch could be very useful in school, other than listening to music. If schools are thinking about getting laptops/tablets for the students in class and they don’t have the money for them yet, why not take advantage of the technology that the students already have. If students use their iPods to research information in class, the class wouldn’t have to go to the computer lab. And an app on an iPod would cost less than a graphing calculator. If schools utilized the technology the students already have they could save their money for bigger accomplishments like better technology, instead of having to update the old stuff. Yeah, you want the students to pay attention to the teacher but they could listen to music while they were working on their homework. If people really don’t want homework, they will get what they need to get done done with or without the music.It is easy to ignore music, not homework.

Blogging Challenge 8: Life’s lessons

Life is always a difficult experience. It supplies you with many things to learn from. A lot of things are better to pay attention to than to ignore. Most of life’s lessons are in school, but they all are in public after school is done. One of the lessons I learned in the real world is to limit my time talking. I have found that I am usually talking about something that really doesn’t want to be heard. As I limit my talking in the public, it also takes affect in school. I am currently getting to point where I am talking the least in my class period. Many others are talking way more than I do. I have also learned that, if I let myself have fun with other people, I can have fun. At a 4-h meeting, there were a lot of new people that I haven’t met before and we did a lot of activities and had fun. I had fun because I allowed myself to.

Blogging Challlenge 7: Creativity

Some people have a very dull, one-sided life. They just sit around and watch TV. But others enjoy their lives. They go to band concerts and movies and socialize with their friends. They play sports and go to college. They meet new people and go to games. They get a good job and family. It just happens that they have less to worry about in their lives. I myself play sports, have band concerts, and enjoy my life. I like to  create things and discover things in science. I think that I will have a very creative lifestyle when I grow up. In school I enjoy art class, Spanish, science and math. I also like to take pictures for the fair. I can get very creative with my pictures. I hope your life can be as creative as mine.

Blogging Challenge 6: Work and Life

Different people get different grades in school. The grade depends on the amount of time you spent on the assignment or the homework. But would the amount of effort depend on the countries you descend from? I don’t think so. If two students who descend from Germany,Poland, and Switzerland took a test, the difference in the grades would be the difference in the effort put into it. If one student writes down everything he/she does and the other one doesn’t, the student who wrote everything down would get the better grade. I think that effort matters, no matter what country you descend from. Everybody is different and everybody shares something with somebody else.

We’re all human. Yes, we make mistakes but we can control ourselves and do what needs to be done to be the best. If every person in the world made a goal to be the best at everything, the world would be very different from what it is now. So if your not do every thing you need to be doing, you might want to rethink what other people are doing.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, there are people who want to be the best they can possibly be in something. Maybe it’s school, maybe it’s a sport. If you want to be something when get older, start working on it now. What you now can affect what you are able to do in the future. Bad grades result in harder studies. Harder studies can result in not graduating from college. Not graduating from college results in a harder time getting a job. No job means in less money to get the essentials like food and clothes. Eventually you could be on the streets begging for food. Nobody wants to end up in that position so start on it now. Be the best in science, math, social studies, or language. Make sure you have the things you need in order to get to college. Graduate from college and get promising job when you do, life can feel so much easier because you have one less thing to worry about. When you’re done with that, go one step farther and be the best at what you do. Always be reaching for the best you can be, you never know how you get awarded.

Blogging Challenge 6: Volunteer Work

Many people don’t like volunteer work. But it may just be that they don’t like the work they’re doing. It is more fun to do volunteer work that you actually enjoy. The type of work I like to do is anything that involves continuous work, like painting. I like to have continuous work because I get bored very easily. Everybody is different so somebody else might not like to work for hours at end. I would also enjoy building woodworking projects like closets and entertainment centers. I also enjoy raking and mowing the lawn. The world would be very different if people didn’t do volunteer work. The more people become self-centered, the more the world will become a place with no peace of mind.